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Orange County’s community colleges have long formed the cornerstone of workforce education and training in the region—but we couldn’t do it without the hundreds of industry partnerships that help us assess workforce needs, and inform our training and curriculum. Together, we ensure that students get the skills they need to find well-paying jobs, and local business get the well-educated workforce they need to grow and thrive!

Building Business Connections

Orange County’s regional directors of employer engagement play a critical role fostering relationships between regional community colleges and local businesses. If you’re a local business looking for qualified interns, well-trained employees, or a way to impact training for your industry, connect with one of our industry-focused regional directors today!

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Advanced Transportation / Logistics
Jaime Gonzalez • 714-895-8156

Business & Entrepreneurship
Dr. Cathleen Greiner

Energy, Construction, & Utilities
Jon Caffery

Dr. Laurie Sienkiewicz

ICT / Digital Media
Charlotte Augenstein

Retail, Hospitality & Tourism
Sheila Dufresne

Boost Your Bottom Line with Custom Corporate Training

Did you know Orange County’s community colleges are the largest provider of custom, corporate workforce training in the region? If you’re looking for a way to boost performance and your bottom line, corporate training from a trusted, regional career education program might be just want you need. Contact one of our regional directors of employer engagement to learn more!

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Future BUILT Partners

Businesses like these are partnering with Orange County’s community colleges to help guide and grow the future of OC industry! Contact one of our regional directors of employer engagement to learn more.

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Vans off the wall


Solar City

Panasocin Avionics

Kaiser Permanente

Blizzard Entertainment

Solar City

Orange County Business Council

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