Building the Skills that Move Orange County.

Emerging technologies in alternative fuel sources for land, sea and air vehicles promote the future of the Advanced Transportation and Logistics sector. A Career Education in this field provides students with transferable skills that are likely to be in demand throughout California, well into the future. A degree or certificate from your local community college can catapult you into your new career.

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Careers in Advanced Transportation

With a Career Education in Advanced Transportation and Logistics, you’ll beon the move to a higher salary and a more secure future!

Vehicle & Parts Manufacturing | Vehicle, Parts & Supplies Wholesalers | Freight Transportation, Delivery & Parts Operations | Car Dealers & Auto Retailing | Transportation Support Activities & Logistics Services |Bus and Rail Transportation & Transit Systems | Auto Repair & Maintenance | Commercial Pilot

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Skills Gained

Get the critical knowledge and tools to succeed in an Advanced Transportation and Logistics career.

Critical Thinking | Organization | Work Ethic | Math | Time Management | Problem Solving |Communication | Ability to Follow Directions | Technical Ability | Mechanical Understanding | Situational Awareness | Computer Proficiency

Earning Potential for Careers in Advanced Transportation

Your Career Education in Advanced Transportation & Logistics opens doorsto bigger opportunities, higher salaries, and more!

  • Aircraft Mechanics & Service Technicians: $48,680 – $75,880
  • Alternative Fuel Specialists: $34,332 – $91,231
  • Automotive Diagnostic Technicians: $21,815 – $65,412
  • Automotive Service Technicians& Mechanics: $29,370 – $53,590
  • Avionics Technicians: $51,760 – $76,770
  • Bus & Truck Mechanics& Diesel Engine Specialists: $36,900 – $58,110
  • Bus Drivers, Transit and Intercity: $30,890 – $53,570
  • Drone Technicians/Operators: $25,000 – $60,000
  • First-Line Supervisors of Mechanics,Installers & Repairers: $50,560 – $82,220

I got the job because I had automotive experience.

Pete Lindstrom
FutureBUILT Graduate

Advanced Transportation & Logistics Facts

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Within the Advanced Transportation (and Renewable Energy) Sector, 84% of Career Education program alums report an increase in wages.

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In 2017, the Transportation sector added 4,192 jobs, a 19.4% increase from the previous year and the second most of all industry clusters in Orange County.

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Career Education grads searching for a new job in this sector reported an 83% success rate within 6 months.

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