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California is a global trade and logistics giant with 2017 exports accounting for more than $171.9 billion in American-made goods to 229 foreign markets. In California, this sector is supported by 4.9 million jobs in such fields as logistics, finance, marketing, and management. A degree or certificate from your local community college can catapult you into your new career.

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Careers in Global Trade

Are you ready for a career education that’s built for success beyond borders? Launch a bold new future in these fields and more!

Aerospace | Arts, Media & Entertainment | Fashion | Franchises | High Tech, Information Technology & Communications | Hospitality & Tourism | Life Sciences / Biotech | Manufacturing | Marketing, Sales & Service | Retail | Small Business & Entrepreneurship | Transportation | Wholesale Trade

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Skills Gained

Get the critical knowledge and tools to succeed in a global trade career.

Critical Thinking | Cultural Awareness | Organization | Work Ethic | Math | Time Management | Problem Solving | Project Management

Earning Potential for Careers in Global Trade

Your career education in global trade services opens doors to bigger opportunities, higher salaries, and more!

  • Business Operations Specialists: $53,816 – $74,365
  • Acquisition Cost Estimator: $50,516 – $64,814
  • Sales Manager: $75,484 – $121,699
  • Account Manager: $74,713 – $110,676

    It seems like something that’s impossible. But once I start to get my hands on that, it starts to look like something that’s achievable.

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    Global Trade Facts

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    In 2017, California exported $171.9 billion to 229 foreign economies, accounting for 11.1% of the U.S.’s overall exported product value.

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    In 2015, international trade supported over 200,000 direct and indirect jobs in the county and provided the second highest average salary in Orange County at $78,950, $23,000 over the average OC salary. Nationally, jobs supported by goods exports pay up to an estimated 18% above the national average.

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    The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are the two largest container ports in the United States.

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