The Science of Career Success.

Life sciences and biotech jobs projected to command high demand in the coming years will require various levels of education and skill. However, the majority of the top 10 occupations in this sector require either moderate-term, on-the-job training or an associate degree, making this sector a great choice for students looking for an accessible and well-paying job with career growth opportunities. A degree or certificate from your local community college can catapult you into your new career.

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Careers in Life Sciences

Do you have a mind for science and a passion for technology? Consider a high-tech, high-paying career in these fields and more!

Research, Testing & Medical Laboratories | Medical Devices & Equipment | Bioscience-Related Distribution | Drugs & Pharmaceuticals | Agricultural Feedstock & Chemicals

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Skills Gained

Get the critical knowledge and tools to succeed in a life sciences and biotech career.

Teamwork | Critical Thinking | Communication | Work Ethic | Ability to Learn | Math & Science | Problem Solving                           | Interpersonal | Listening | Situational Awareness

Earning Potential for Careers in Life Sciences

Your Career Education in life sciences / biotech opens doors to bigger opportunities, higher salaries, and more!

  • Biochemist: $52,640-$169,860
  • Biological Technician: $30,440-$74,600
  • Chemical Equipment Operator: $30,200-$81,730
  • Chemical Technician: $31,720-$81,260
  • Research Assistant: $31,090-$81,280

    You’re always going to learn something new. That’s what I think is exciting about it. I want to show my kids I did it, that it’s never too late.

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    Life Sciences Facts

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    California’s life science industry provides over 1.4 million jobs, with economic activity generating a total of $372 billion in 2019 alone.

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    This sector accounts for 47,320 jobs in the Orange County region and 13.9% of all Life Sciences and Biotechnology jobs in California.

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