Putting the “Care” in Career.

Since 2009, the health sector in Orange County has added more jobs than any other industry, expanding from the county’s fifth largest industry to its second. It’s no surprise that 25% of the fastest-growing jobs in Orange County are in health-related fields. Average wages in this sector stand much higher than other industries, paying about $46 per hour. A degree or certificate from your local community college can catapult you into your new career.

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Careers in Health

Health professionals are in demand! Launch a high-paying career in these fields and more!

Radiology Tech | EMT/Paramedic | Health Information Technology | Medical Lab Technicians | Respiratory Therapists

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Skills Gained

Get the critical knowledge and tools to succeed in a health career.

Teamwork | Customer Service | Tech-Savvy | Critical Thinking | Communication | Work Ethic | Ability to Learn | Math & Science | Problem Solving | Interpersonal

Earning Potential for Careers in Health

Your career education in health opens doors to bigger opportunities, higher salaries, and more!

  • Registered Nurses: $68,395 – $88,343
  • Dental Hygienists: $62,107 – $95,024
  • Medical Laboratory Technologist: $40,123 – $56,593
  • Respiratory Therapists: $61,339 – $73,645
  • Radiologic Technologists: $64,872 – $80,164
  • Occupational Therapy Assistants: $38,313 – $57,616

    The thing I just love is really being able to help people.

    Monica Vargas
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    Health Sector Facts

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    California employs more health workers than any other state (827,030).

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    Positions in the health sector that require career education pay an average of $46 per hour in Orange County.

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    In Orange County, there are 11,799 annual job openings in health-related jobs per year.

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