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College Is a Great Investment

A college education is among the best investments you can make for your child’s future.


Success Starts Here

Orange County’s community colleges are an excellent choice for building your child’s future. Our programs can prepare your child for a meaningful career in as little as two semesters! If your child’s goal is to attend a four-year college, community college is an affordable way to complete the general education requirements for a four-year degree. California community colleges also offer smaller class sizes and more experienced instructors than four-year colleges for many of the classes your child is likely to take in the first two years of college.

Great Support Systems

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Orange County’s community colleges are built to support your child on their pathway to earning a degree or certificate. From financial aid and scholarships to career counseling and internship opportunities, we are committed to making your child’s journey a success. Have questions? Use our chat feature to get connected to a local advisor.


Why Choose an Orange County Community College?

California Community College students pay the lowest fees in the Nation. By staying local, your student can save money, and be job-ready in two years or less.


What is career education?

Career education is the first choice for students who are ready for real life and real careers. In many fields, career education graduates boast annual salaries of over $75,000 and have access to endless opportunities.

Isn’t college expensive? I’m not sure our family can afford it right now.

Yes, you CAN afford to send your child to a California community college. There are several ways to get financial assistance if you need it. These include free federal financial aid, fee waivers, loans, grants, and scholarships. You can find more information and links to resources here.

How do I find a program my child is interested in?

Orange County Community Colleges educate hundreds of thousands of students each year, in more than 100 programs. Our programs are organized into 12 industry sectors. Each sector has a number of pathways your student can choose from. You can see all of the industry sectors lower on this page.
In addition, Program Finder can match your career interests with local community colleges (and high schools) offering programs in those fields—all in just a few clicks! You can also take a look at our viewbook to see the variety of program options available for your student.


Can my child attend a community college while still attending high school?

Yes. High school students may be permitted to enroll for community college courses, if they have your consent, have the consent of their high school administration, and meet college requirements. Consult your child’s high school counselor for more information.


How can I support my child’s Community College education?

All students need a great support system, and they will thank you for it at graduation! 1) Start thinking about college early. Ask you high schooler questions about what they want from college and beyond.
2) Help them remember deadlines! Financial Aid, Course Registration, even Graduation all have set deadlines. Add these dates to your calendar and help them remember to stay on track with their education.
3) Celebrate their success and support them they are down! Just like high school, college comes with lots of new challenges and hard work. Encourage your student to get involved in campus activities and utilize support services like tutoring.

What is the College Promise?

In Orange County, you don’t have to worry about how to pay for college. Many first-time college students are eligible for two years of free tuition, textbooks, and more! That’s right, it is possible to attend college for zero dollars! Find out more about the Promise Program.


How can my student get Financial Aid?

Beyond the College Promise Program, there are many forms of financial aid available. State and Federal financial aid are available to students and frequently cover 100% of the cost of attending a California Community College. In addition to your local college’s Financial Aid office, check out icangotocollege.com for more information.

A lot of people really don’t know about the opportunities that are out there, about being able to earn a college degree while you’re in high school, but it’s a great way to save money while getting valuable experience and a first-class education.

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